~ Filling the Void ~

What causes such need to fill the void?
What sweet ache are we denied?
How many puzzle pieces do we seek,
to fill the holes inside?
And it cannot be just any piece,
the fit has to be perfect, exact…
else the emptiness escapes, around the edges,
and the void is still intact.
We try to get by with which “filler” works,
not realizing the hole is still there.
And when the “filler” fully fails,
is when we again become aware.
Ever seeking that perfect fit,
to make us completely whole.
Knowing it’s out there, but unable to find it,
blinded by the quest of the soul.
So we always search the universe,
trying to fill the voids inside.
Not realizing we must heal ourselves,
and by reality’s truth abide.
Find the courage to fill the empty spaces,
with joy and not regret.
To forgive the ones who caused the holes,
and find smiles we haven’t met.
Friends and love can fill the voids
more solidly than any could know.
They can lift us up and make us whole,
and complete our world “just so”.
There is no such thing as perfection,
but if I had a wish to make,
it would be that all of us find that perfect friend or love,
and find perfect peace and joy for Love’s sake.
To all my friends, you help complete me. Thank you.
~ C.L.R. ~

About dragonkatet

Regarding the blog name, Dragon’s Dreams ~ The name comes from my love-affairs with both Dragons and Dreams (capital Ds). It’s another extension of who I am, a facet for expression; a place and way to reach other like-minded, creative individuals. I post poetry and images that fascinate or move me, because that’s my favorite way to view the world. I post about things important to me and the world in which we live, try to champion extra important political, societal and environmental issues, etc. Sometimes I wax philosophical, because it’s also a place where I always seem to learn about myself, too, by interacting with some of the brightest minds, souls and hearts out there. It’s all about ‘connection(s)’ and I don’t mean “net-working” with people for personal gain, but rather, the expansion of the 4 L’s: Light, Love, Laughter, Learning.
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