~ Moon-shadow Muse ~

Tonight, I was captured
By a moon-shadow’s musing.
The soft light stole my thoughts
And in choosing to follow them,
As they skated like clouds
Across the starry sky of my mind,
I dreamed of you and I.

I lost myself to a memory
Of what might have been,
And what was or wasn’t true.
The moon above looked coldly on —
Watching my wandering mind watch you.

I cannot take what is not given.
Nor can I give what is not mine.
I followed the moon-shadow’s gift willingly,
Because in that half-lit darkness,
I dreamed of our love, and somehow,
Cheated time.

~ C.L.R. ~ © 2007


About dragonkatet

Regarding the blog name, Dragon’s Dreams ~ The name comes from my love-affairs with both Dragons and Dreams (capital Ds). It’s another extension of who I am, a facet for expression; a place and way to reach other like-minded, creative individuals. I post poetry and images that fascinate or move me, because that’s my favorite way to view the world. I post about things important to me and the world in which we live, try to champion extra important political, societal and environmental issues, etc. Sometimes I wax philosophical, because it’s also a place where I always seem to learn about myself, too, by interacting with some of the brightest minds, souls and hearts out there. It’s all about ‘connection(s)’ and I don’t mean “net-working” with people for personal gain, but rather, the expansion of the 4 L’s: Light, Love, Laughter, Learning.
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4 Responses to ~ Moon-shadow Muse ~

  1. Imagina says:

    Wonderful poem, vivid imageries…
    I used “stolen moments” instead of “cheated time” 🙂
    Nice to know you from Jingle’s Poet Rally, Happy Rally 🙂

  2. Jingle says:

    vivid and magical …

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