~ Hollow ~

If you could thump

The outside of my soul,

You’d find that it sounded

Quite hollow.

If you could shout,

Into its blue depths,

Only echoes of your voice

Would follow.

If you could make a wish,

And toss in a coin,

It would fall without reaching

The bottom.

Somewhere, inside, there

Used to be feelings,

But with each new wound,

I forgot them.

The hopes and dreams,

Now buried so deep,

Surely none shall ever


What bright, scattered fragments

Of a soft, giving heart

Made old by cold words of

A Lover.

For now, quenched the glimmer

Which used to reside

And lived with a passion

Of belief!

I had thought this heart’s fire

Nigh unquenchable.

Till stolen,

By an uncommon thief.

Beware the man who masquerades,

As Love, come to save

Your sweet soul.

For in the inevitable end,

When he’s left you again,

There’s only emptiness,

To fill in the hole.

~ C.L.R. ~  © 2005

About dragonkatet

Regarding the blog name, Dragon’s Dreams ~ The name comes from my love-affairs with both Dragons and Dreams (capital Ds). It’s another extension of who I am, a facet for expression; a place and way to reach other like-minded, creative individuals. I post poetry and images that fascinate or move me, because that’s my favorite way to view the world. I post about things important to me and the world in which we live, try to champion extra important political, societal and environmental issues, etc. Sometimes I wax philosophical, because it’s also a place where I always seem to learn about myself, too, by interacting with some of the brightest minds, souls and hearts out there. It’s all about ‘connection(s)’ and I don’t mean “net-working” with people for personal gain, but rather, the expansion of the 4 L’s: Light, Love, Laughter, Learning.
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3 Responses to ~ Hollow ~

  1. Another gem left without the appropriate attention! You should re-post some of those …
    How very familiar the emotions in this poem are … very!

    • dragonkatet says:

      Thanks, Blaga. I took your advice and re-posted one. For the most part, I just post them, set them free and then move on…but maybe some of my newer readers would be able to appreciate some of these. 🙂 Thanks for reading…I plan to get to your blog tonight, Gods willing.

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