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While doing some recent reading, I managed to come across some pretty cool articles I just had to share with some of my geekier, brainiac, scientific friends (you know who you are 😉 ) and those who can appreciate specifics of how the brain works a little bit better and how that can benefit your life in amazing ways. Right Brain/Left Brain understanding has been a huge part of artists and creators everywhere, so any of my creative, poetic or just plain good with language and a pen pals might be interested as well.

I LOVE this kind of stuff!

The following article was the first one I stumbled upon by this guy and the lists of all of his articles are HERE and HERE. Introducing H. Bernard Wechsler…who is: “…a senior educational consultant to The SpeedLearning Institute, The Learning Annex, and The DOME Project. He is one of the founders of Evelyn Wood speed reading, graduating 2 million including four U.S. Presidents.” And he knows of what he speaks when talking about the brain and how it works!

I’m telling you guys, check the man out – you’ll be glad you did and can thank me later. Skim the list. I guarantee you’ll find at least two or three that probably appeal to ya.

Next on my list by this man are:
Is there a God-Spot in your brain?

Is Free Will Real?

Dog Learns Like H. Sapiens

Rats Giggle

Two Weird Moves

Hope you enjoy it!

“What We Resist, Persists, Accept, And It Just Dissolves”

Why not just let your anger at him go? I asked.

I would if I could because I am smart enough to know he has forgot all about it and left me with the recurring pain. But my mind constantly returns to what I should have said and seeing what I could have done. Stupid, huh? she said.

The XP Syndrome

Wait. Microsoft XP has something new to avoid service calls. You are going bananas because your computer has broken down and cannot access the Internet.

You go to a repair program in XP called System Restore. It is baby-easy.
You pick a different date than today, one when your computer was working optimally. Type in the backdate, and you are returned to the land of information processing and a working Internet.

The programming error disappears 87% of the time, and you are back in business. Makes you believe in flying carpets and things magical.

The name again is System Restore. It is so simple and can produce instant gratification; it makes you want to hug Bill G. because he cares about non-geeks.

The Point

Create a System Restore in your life. You can laugh, but I use it to relieve backaches, overcome chronic stress, and avoid continuing anger distracting
me from working.

All you do is remember this scientific principle: to perform an act (any action), you must first IMAGINE doing it in your right-brain.

One more once: to bite into the red, juicy apple calling to you from the refrigerator shelf, you got to first picture (imagine) getting off the couch and flying to the frig.
Relax, it is on auto-pilot.

Profound Fact: behavior is number 3; it occurs after a mental visualization and
emotional reaction. Imagery is the language of the brain, while association (link to old motor (cortex) memories) motivates us to signal our correct muscles and joints to get on with it in nanoseconds.

Scientists call it the Ideomotor Principle; imagining and doing are twin psycho-motor skills. Professor William James at Harvard in the 1890s figured out the sequence.

Working Example

My son was learning to ride his bike, fell off, skinned his knees and was screaming
like the Angel of Death was coming for him.

Normal folks would get freaked out and yell at the fallen warrior, Stop crying, it is nothing and we will put a band-aid on your knee. Still others would scream at the kid and call him a jerk for failing in the first place.

Neither works and merely produce new clients for psychologists. Here is your opportunity to teach your kid how to handle error and gravity rejection. Be human and empathize.

Say, it really hurts like hell. When I learned to ride I fell off and scraped my
left cheek so bad my mother thought I was a stranger. It healed the next day.

Is that the example? Nah.

Profound Fact: your left-brain is the positive side, and your right hemisphere the negative. Mental-movies are created and maintained by your right-brain. When you
are traumatized by an accident, fear or stress, you loop (continuous reenactment of negative feedback) the occurrence in your right brain.

Your right-brain is the where your imaginary version of the accident remains. It
exaggerates your crash-and-burn into a disaster far greater than a skinned knee.
You see yourself dying of the wound and crying at your own funeral. It is caused by your occipital lobe, precuneus cortex and amygdala of your right-brain, for you brainiacs.

Secret Strategy

You objective is to switch your concentration from your right brain to your logical,
planning and reasoning left-brain. Do it and the negative feedback imagery disappears, and with it 90% of your pain, terror and tears.

This works for kids and big kids (adults) equally. Children want to believe adults have all the answers and will do what you suggest. If you say, stand on your head and spit nickels; he/she will attempt to comply.

If you say something outrageous to yourself or another adult, they will call a cop to have you committed or just look at you funny. No compliance.


Back to your screaming kid on the ground who just crashed and burned: ask this question in a calm convincing voice. Do want the pain to disappear, the wound to start healing, and to feel happy again?

Wait for recognition of your question and begin singing (solo) the B.I.N.G.O. song.

There was a farmer who had a dog and Bingo was his name-o.
B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, and Bingo was his name-o.

Now, nod your head to your kid to join in (duet). He/she will start slowly
whimpering, and then get with the program. Start again and sing Bingo,
the louder the better, and smile while singing. Clap hard on the missing letters.

Check it out: as soon as your child begins to sing the Bingo song, his/her
brain switches from right-mode to left (language and speech) hemisphere.
The negative feedback disappears and new images of the farmer and his dog instead of death and destruction appear.

Like magic he/she is smiling again and your significant other thinks you a

You got it, right? It works if you work it and just relax. Mirror neurons
in the brain of Homo sapiens are hardwired to copy (empathy) what they see
others doing. You sing Bingo and the situation cannot be that serious. They
change their mind – switch hemispheres and mental movies.

Google Mirror Neurons; see University of Washington, Dr. Patricia
Kuhl, 5.04.07.

Your Brain

To be successful and happy requires three beliefs. You are Worthy (character, value
and merit), Protected (no fears to distract your attention) because your parents, later your company, and even the government, care about your fundament.

Lastly, you are Lovable. You must believe others positively evaluate you beyond mere reason and usefulness. Amiable, endearing and deserving of love is what you are.

Did you know your brain moves from Skepticism, to Curiosity, and finally to being full engaged in what was originally denied as the ravings of Mad Cow disease. Your child will finally get into the swing of Bingo; that is easy. How about when you have the problem?

If you are in a funk of depression and looping (repeating) a rejection, error or defeat, use Bingo and you will overcome the negativity scenario and become cool
again. What you resist, persists, what you accept just disappears.

The Bingo song is a Schema, a mental framework containing a scientific strategy (left/right brain) to take control of your thinking, emotions and behaviors. Use it
if you are auto-didactic (self-taught). The real question is Who is the Boss of You?

See ya,

Copyright 2007
H. Bernard Wechsler

Author of Speed Learning for Professionals, published by Barron’s; partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of speed reading, graduating two million, including the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.

Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and fortune Magazine for major articles.

Article Source:


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