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~ Never Mine, My Valentine ~

(Image from Google Images) You can’t disguise being desensitized To real life desire, these hips and thighs, and breathless sighs of once love, now… what? The silent knowledge of unspoken lies, in the dark, I couldn’t see your eyes, but … Continue reading

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~ The Other Golden Rule ~

I don’t know if this is worthy of Jingle’s Poetry Potluck Monday, but this week’s theme was “Rules, Regulations and Laws”. So, being the rebel I am, I came up with this piece. The way Congress has been dealing with … Continue reading

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Energy Flows Where Attention Goes…

Maintaining a positive attitude can be pretty tough this time of year. There’s so much stress and pressure, and a lot of times we spend the holidays without loved ones, whether by choice or circumstance, so it makes it even … Continue reading

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~ Thinking about an old friend ~

(A twist on something an old friend wrote years ago…he’s been on my mind lately, and although I’m sure he’s forgotten me many times over by now, I still think about him and hope he’s found his smile.) And if, … Continue reading

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~ Sea Creatures’ Lament ~

Once, we fathomed azure depths, Once, fins flew through crystalline blue, Once, we swam where leviathans slept, Our ocean home was all we knew. Then the big, black water came. The toxic fumes which filled our gills, Soon, our roof … Continue reading

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~ Resonation Nation ~

  I wish: That we could all resonate With the Universe’s Love, Not hate. That Good Ol’ Boys politics welcomed Honest Debate. To think that we’ve come so far, And yet… There are those in power Whose only mandate is … Continue reading

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A Tech tip that could save your sanity…and maybe your computer, too!

I have several online friends who may not recognize a cleverly disguised computer virus threat when they see one. It’s not because they’re stupid, but because the people coming up with the viruses today are getting so sneaky! Because of … Continue reading

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~ Waiting is Labor Intensive ~

I am All edges. Red and black And jangled, jagged glass Around the edges Of my Aura. Nerves flare Fight despair. Count each breath And meditate to pass The patient hand Of Time. Be still. Open and fill The empty … Continue reading

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Passing along some funnies…

This is something a friend sent me in an e-mail. Even though I haven’t been around this long yet, I’m not that far from it and must say I agree with them. Enjoy! 16 things it’s taken me over 40 … Continue reading

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You’ll never see sand the same way again!

A friend turned me on to this site and it’s so cool, I just had to share it with you all! It’s called and you can play with different colors and make your own Sand-scapes. Once you click the … Continue reading

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