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~ Epic Every Day ~

Of all the heroes and heroines, The ones unsung, Are the ones I like best. Of all the super-heroes’ skins, Quiet humility cloaks the best-dressed. They give the rest of the world a smile, Those “little people” all over the … Continue reading

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~ Red Bed Redemption ~

Every month, the moon looses this beast inside. I’ve obligingly labled her “Mrs. Hyde”. Midol, chocolate, a heating pad, Are the best defenses, When the week is bad. You can’t cure this kind of ‘crazy’, It’s true. For a week … Continue reading

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~ An Ordinary Morning (Revised) ~

This morning dawned with a damp, grey rain. It drew the energy from me and I wanted to crawl, back behind my eyelids. My heavy head sank, a slow-motion slip to the pillow, as the rain’s rhythm tapped the glass … Continue reading

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~ The Shallow Men ~ (A Tribute to T.S. Eliot)

(( I really like T.S. Eliot’s poem, “The Hollow Men”. It was a piece that stuck with me long after I had read and re-read it many times. In an effort to create something worthy of his ilk, I fashioned … Continue reading

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~ All’s Fair, They Say…~

I see the sadness love doth cause, the bitter fruits it bears. I’ve also seen it sheathe its claws, and seen every mask it wears. It builds us up, or tears us down. It breaks hearts, and mends them, too. … Continue reading

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~ My Sadist ~

In certain quiet, deep moments of night’s blue-black, My inner, hidden masochist shows her face. Tip-toeing the thorn-filled memory lane, Searching for my sadist, once again; Who says we can never go back? With each silent, slipped tear of melted … Continue reading

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~ A Worthwhile Life ~

(Written in the spirit of the theme for Week 21 of Jingle’s Poetry Potluck, re: Aims, Goals and Ambitions) How is one to measure life’s worth? What stick or scale to help us judge? The accomplishments in a human span, … Continue reading

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