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~ Mind In The Mountains, But Chained Here By Chance ~

Standing amidst those towering white pines, Hearing the wind as it whispered my name, Watching hawks, as they spiraled and on thermals climbed, A voice deep inside me broke free and became One, with those faces of sheer, solid stone. … Continue reading

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Outrageous! BP gets a $13 BILLION tax write off?!

I have blogged in the past about the BP Gulf Oil spill and I still consider it heinous that so much damage was done and yet, BP has faced very few repercussions for their actions/reactions. Now they’re getting a $13 … Continue reading

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Today is John Muir Day

🙂 Today is John Muir Day (and his birthday). Me being a “tree-hugger” sort, he is one of my heroes! For those of you who don’t know about John Muir, here are a few facts about him, borrowed from Wikipedia: … Continue reading

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~ Falling Asleep With Felines ~

I fell asleep with both cats last night, small stoves of the softest fur. They laid next to me, curled against my warmth, peace resonating with each purr. I fell asleep to the gentle white noise, of purest feline bliss. … Continue reading

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~ The Will of the Quill ~

((I wrote this after an extended blog conversation with another talented poet friend of mine about the limits of the written word and language. As good/succinct/clear as a writer strives to be, there always exists the possibility of misunderstanding, and that … Continue reading

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~ Hang-gliding (Revised) ~

For Jingle Poetry’s ‘Poetry Potluck’ this week, the theme is “a few of our favorite things”.  I have many favorite things, but hang-gliding definitely is close to the top of the list! The whip of the wind across the mountain’s … Continue reading

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~ Kudzu Dragon ~

Earthen Guardian, growing green with leafy teeth and limbs between. Your bones, a dying tree beneath a scaly skin—cascading leaves. Vines that sway like Dragon’s beard. Hollow eyes that speak – Fey enchanted weird. Beast of Time and Tangled Root, … Continue reading

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The truth about TAPS…

I had never heard the story about the truth about the song TAPS, which is played at funerals for soldiers here in America. My grandfather served in two wars and went on to continue to serve when he retired from … Continue reading

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