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~ Jam, I Am ~

~ Jam, I am ~ There are times when I feel like I am jam, Spread too thinly On the toast of my life. Trying to cover All the uncut corners, Smoothed over the edges Of the crust With a … Continue reading

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How to Start a Fight…

For those of you needing some humor, I thought I would post this from a recent e-mail I received. Enjoy! 😀   HOW  TO START A FIGHT           One  year, I decided to buy my mother-in-law … Continue reading

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~ Cliché Parade ~

Let’s call this piece a Litmus test, To see which laid plans are truly best. Like moths to a flame, A poem by any other name, Will it draw their fire? Raise Cain’s red-inked ire? It should be easy as … Continue reading

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~ The Stones Remember ~

For JinglePoetry’s Week 35 Potluck, (Theme: Fortresses, Castles, Palaces and Royal Houses) here’s my entry. *********                             ~ The Stones Remember ~ Far within these cold, stone walls, lies the spirit of the Keep. Mortar mixed with blood … Continue reading

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~ A Falconer’s Moment ~

This poem was actually written many years ago, but an intriguing, recent post by my friend Roughwater John made me long to post it (Please don’t think I’m being a copy-cat, John! You just reminded me of my own ode … Continue reading

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~ Purple Crocus ~

A little, purple crocus, Was the first sign of spring, for me. It poked its head up through the ground And waited for me to see. It knew purple was my favorite color, And just wanted me to know, It … Continue reading

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~ A Fairy Affair ~

Rarely seen by mortal eye, they flutter, flit, and swiftly fly! Gossamer wings of rainbow hue, with a twinkle disappear from view. Trailing dust of dreams and fantasy, the fairies’ flight few people see! In mushroom rings and shaded glen, … Continue reading

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~ When Sleep is a Four-Letter Word ~

For week 33 of Jingle’s Poetry Potluck, the theme was Doubts, Fears, Inhibitions and Hesitations. This is my offering to the potluck this week. 🙂 ********* It’s 2:00 a.m. and I should be in bed, But here I am, awake, … Continue reading

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