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~ Spring (Mostly) Favorites ~

((I’ll preface this by saying that it’s impossible to choose just one thing and call it a “favorite” when one rejoices and appreciates all that a season has to offer. That being said, this was written for the first of … Continue reading

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~ Digging Deeper ~

(( Sometimes I find a rhythm in prose-poetry that I just don’t get in plain poetry. This was put into a more formal poem style, but it still rings as prose poetry when I read it. Although it was written … Continue reading

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~ Night Fog ~

Everything plays Hide and Seek, When the clouds come down, And dance on the ground. The muted hush makes one Reluctant to speak, As the night-time world Plays Lost and Found. Crystalline drops bunched in the night air, Coating the … Continue reading

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~ Lifted ~

When I had wandered far in life, and felt I had filled this skin from within, When I had learned to breathe in every moment, and brought myself back to remembering again, When I had wakened from a dreaming existence … Continue reading

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~ In Defense of Memory ~

~ In Defense of Memory ~ The jeweled hues of dragonflies, With wings of thin, spun glass, Reflected in blue water’s skies, Remind me: Time is slipping past. If solipsism is the ultimate truth, And all we have is self, … Continue reading

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