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Winter Favorites

((I didn’t have time this week to compose a poem of my seasonal favorites for the fourth week of Blaga’s Season Challenge, so this is more of a “list” of favorites. I hope you still enjoy it. 🙂 )) Favorite … Continue reading

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~ Wet ~

The smoothest caress, of cool, liquid silk, as I slide into, slip through, this other world of purest blue. Surpassing barriers, between the building blocks, of life… Oxygen and water, one with the other, exchange of electrons, mixing molecules, osmosis, … Continue reading

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~ Ode to Michelangelo ~

((For this week’s Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry, the theme was Paintings. Yippee! One of my favorite things to talk about! 🙂 )) ~ Ode to Michelangelo~ The power of a touch, Creation. A man, In repose, Reaches upward toward … Continue reading

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~ Autumn Adorations ~

((Anyone who knows me knows that Autumn is my very favorite season! I love the crispness and clarity of the air, the shifting colors and the smell of woodsmoke on evenings which are just starting to get chilly. I adore … Continue reading

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~ Crave ~

A churning, yearning, turning of the tides. Just barely held in check… by the thinnest of strands of morality… to avoid the emotional wreck.   And still the soft beast clamors for release.   It rages at night, seeming stronger, … Continue reading

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~ Something of Summer ~

((For the second of Broken Sparkles’s “Season Challenge”s, the challenge was Summer. In one post/poem, we had to use our favorite: word, quote, poem, book, song, movie, town, animal, flower, food and image of the season. Summer is my least … Continue reading

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A Country Mile

I’ve lived in both the country and the city, and I’ve often wondered what my grandfather meant when he talked about a “country mile” in comparison to a “city mile”. Gran and Grandy spent most of their lives in the … Continue reading

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