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~ Dragons’ Secret (Re-worked)~

((As strange as it may seem, I haven’t written many poems about dragons. My wonderful friend Roughwater John recently suggested that I do so. So, for the past couple of weeks I have struggled and fought with this piece and … Continue reading

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~ Summer Segue ~ (Co-post with Blaga)

((I haven’t done much collaborative writing with many people. I think, in some ways, it is harder than writing solo. However, I was recently invited by Blaga (Broken Sparkles) to collaborate with her on a poem about the season change … Continue reading

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~ For Christopher ~

((Remembering My Brother – Yesterday my only brother, Chris, would have been 37 years old. He died in 2001 and I have missed him ever since. I have not been back to the cemetery since the funeral…not because I don’t … Continue reading

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Some weekend humor :)

((I periodically get some funny e-mails, and since I want to share them with everyone but don’t always have an e-mail address to forward them, I post them here. Hope you enjoy this one!)) Sometime this year, we taxpayers will … Continue reading

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Leaking again?! NEW oil slick discovered near BP Deepwater Horizon site!

A new, 10-mile long oil slick has been discovered near the original site of the BP Deepwater Horizon accident that managed to destroy much of the Gulf of Mexico ecology. I have two questions: 1) WHY ARE WE NOT HEARING … Continue reading

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~ Remember ~

((I know that today will be filled with too many memories about 9/11 and people probably don’t want to read or see any more of them. I know that for me, that day will forever be seared in my mind. … Continue reading

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~ American Highway 2005 ~

The sonorous drone of my wheels along the endless, flat asphalt — faded gray and baked lifeless by a thousand summer suns. A dead tire remnant, stiff legs skyward, black body curled upon itself, as if death were painful. Shattered, … Continue reading

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