~ De Facto Plutocracy ~

Corporate Fat Cat

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Buddy, can you spare a dime?

Can you break a dollar?

Can you make change?

No. Yes. And I don’t know.

Once, I believed it might be possible.

But those scheming snake-oil salesmen sold us


They convinced us to purchase our own slave-chains

Of Debt.

Of Doubt.

The only thing that “trickled down” to us

Was their whispered, decades’-long laughter,

All the way to the God-forsaken, rube-taken


The American Dream hasn’t always been an illusion,

But “they”

 found a way

to make it one…permanently.

Will any amount of shouting, shoving or even shooting,

ever be able to put US back together again?

There is no sanity, because the inmates OWN the asylum.

Bought on the bloody, broken backs of the ninety-nine percent,

The “Trust Fund” is long spent and squandered, then.

The nefarious, nebulous “They”…

They broke the Dollar.

But there was no



~ C.L.R. © 2011 ~

((P.S. How about some pictures to show you exactly what Plutocracy looks like? If you’re not extremely angry about this, then you haven’t been informed or haven’t been  paying attention.))

About dragonkatet

Regarding the blog name, Dragon’s Dreams ~ The name comes from my love-affairs with both Dragons and Dreams (capital Ds). It’s another extension of who I am, a facet for expression; a place and way to reach other like-minded, creative individuals. I post poetry and images that fascinate or move me, because that’s my favorite way to view the world. I post about things important to me and the world in which we live, try to champion extra important political, societal and environmental issues, etc. Sometimes I wax philosophical, because it’s also a place where I always seem to learn about myself, too, by interacting with some of the brightest minds, souls and hearts out there. It’s all about ‘connection(s)’ and I don’t mean “net-working” with people for personal gain, but rather, the expansion of the 4 L’s: Light, Love, Laughter, Learning.
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14 Responses to ~ De Facto Plutocracy ~

  1. Jo Bryant says:

    Just love the anger that builds and bursts through with this one – oh yeah

  2. Beautiful, as Jo said, I love the strength, conviction and honesty in this, you’ve done a good thing Corina!

  3. Bodhirose says:

    Oh, yeah, I’m angry! Greed will be our undoing… Excellent work here, Corina!

  4. Luke Prater says:

    Well said that, Corina. This is the crumbling of Western Civilisation.

    • dragonkatet says:

      Thanks, Luke. I hate to say it, but I think you’re right. I never thought I would live in the age to see it happen, but it sure looks like the cracks are getting bigger and wider.

  5. eebrinker says:

    i like your play on that at the close ….. sorry am so late. got behind on reading, been sick and barely pulling up and out now. enjoyed this write so very much …. clear, uncluttered, witty

  6. As it seems and the dollar and the euro have been broken and the ones to blame walk freely and happy, because in the breaking of it all, they managed to keep the pieces of surviving dimes without the intention of sharing any of it with the people that really need a piece of hope to survive!

    • dragonkatet says:

      Ah, that is so true, Blaga. It makes me both sad and angry, but mostly angry. Thanks for coming by. I plan to try and catch up with everyone tonight. 🙂 Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  7. Thomas Davis says:

    I have heard it said that dragons breathe fire. The question is, can poetry fire the scheming snake oil salesmen? or are we all doomed to keep asking for a dime?

    • dragonkatet says:

      Not all dragons breathe fire, but we all have a fiery heart. That’s a good question. Unfortunately, poetry may not be able to fire them, but perhaps it can inspire those who can/will? I refuse to believe we’re doomed to this forever. The pendulum always swings back, and sooner or later, something *has* to change. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment. 🙂

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