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~ Could be something subtle, or subliminal ~

We never know how long we have on this blue ball, which endlessly spins in space. Never know our length of life, or what will be our ‘eternal address’ after we’re gone. And I still say that regrets are pointless, … Continue reading

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Erin Go Bragh! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

To all my lovely friends and extended family out there, I wanted to post something quick to inspire you and get you smiling for St. Patrick’s Day! Normally, I like to touch on the history of such celebrations, but you … Continue reading

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Jeepers Creepers…

Welcome back, Spring Peepers! I noticed the other night as I was driving home with my windows down that the Spring Peepers are back! Yayyy! I love listening to these little guys, because they are a sure sign that if … Continue reading

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~ Price Check ~

They convinced us we needed more heroes, our innocence stolen by enemy acts. Hypothetical lives multiplied by infinite zeroes, politicians crafted their blood-bathed pacts. They claimed that it was American pride, that demanded our instant retaliation. Eleven years in, with … Continue reading

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~ Synaptic Supplication ~

image borrowed from Spin me a web of circles and bubbles, wise spider of my mind. Ease my riptide life of troubles, smash the strands, leave naught behind. Punctuate each pause with tears, electric-laden drops of blue. Deep bleeding … Continue reading

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