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~ Purple Crocus ~

(( I think we’re all more than ready for Spring, with the Polar Vortex and the frozen hell that has swept across so much of the country this winter. One of the first signs of Spring for me, that I … Continue reading

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National Shut-In Visitation Day (February 11th)

February is such a long, dreary month, don’t you think? It has grey skies and brown landscapes, cold and wet outside, seemingly endless.  Many folks are getting “Spring Fever” already, so tired of being cooped up inside with nothing to … Continue reading

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~ Lost and Found ~

(( This is a poem I wrote quite a while ago, but I was thinking about my post on homelessness and remembered this. I don’t know if it’s finished yet or not, but I still like it.)) Shards of shattered … Continue reading

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Warm Hearts Make the Cold More Bearable

The recent bitterly cold weather has gotten me thinking more lately about those stuck out in the elements, without a warm place to go. I wonder, as I am driving home from work at two o’clock in the morning, “How … Continue reading

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