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~ A View of the Vernal ~

Spring beckons all the green things awake, With soft sunshine and breathy gusts, It blows life into bloom, Fills the whole world’s room, With new growth and buds, That burst and bust! Spring’s ranging, changing give and take, Fills forests … Continue reading

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~ Seek Out The Four-Leaf Clovers ~

(( March comes along and we’re usually reminded of St. Patrick’s Day and all things Irish. In keeping with that theme, here’s a poem that might make you think of four-leafed clovers a little differently the next time you see … Continue reading

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~ Soothsayer, You ~

((Shakespeare has had quite an influence on my life, from his poetry to his plays, to the point that not a March can come without me thinking of Caesar and the dreaded “Ides of March”. This came to me the … Continue reading

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~ Spring Haiku ~

((Side note: I don’t write many haikus. It’s not a form I am overly comfortable with, although I admire anyone who can write them well. This one, however, seemed to write itself, correct number of syllables and all. Must have … Continue reading

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