~ Asking For A Friend ~

The theme this quarter for The BeZine is "Waging Peace through finding common ground". Any changes that happen for the important issues concerning humanity must come through us finding common ground from which to start the conversations. Empathy is being able to fully place ourselves in another's position. It starts with being able to care enough about other things, people, places, etc. besides yourself. What will it take for global empathy?

If you knew
Your whole family would die tomorrow,
From a senseless war not of your making,
Would you wage peace,
For just one day,
To keep your heart, 
From needlessly breaking?

If I knew
Next week would poison rivers, the air,
Turned toxic by corporate dumping, pollution,
Would I wage peace,
For just one week,
Use my money instead,
For a “Greener” solution?

If we knew
Plants and animals would die next month,
Climate Change pushing them past the brink,
Would we wage peace,
For just one month,
Wage peace for the planet,
Could we do it, you think?

You, I, We, Us,
What will it take to make us care?
A day? A week? A month? A year?
Whole continents burning, unbreathable air,
Fishless oceans, concrete leaving all lands bereft,
Endless bodies, choked rubble from War’s bloody fare,
By the time we wage peace, who and what will be left?

© C.L.R. 2021

About dragonkatet

Regarding the blog name, Dragon’s Dreams ~ The name comes from my love-affairs with both Dragons and Dreams (capital Ds). It’s another extension of who I am, a facet for expression; a place and way to reach other like-minded, creative individuals. I post poetry and images that fascinate or move me, because that’s my favorite way to view the world. I post about things important to me and the world in which we live, try to champion extra important political, societal and environmental issues, etc. Sometimes I wax philosophical, because it’s also a place where I always seem to learn about myself, too, by interacting with some of the brightest minds, souls and hearts out there. It’s all about ‘connection(s)’ and I don’t mean “net-working” with people for personal gain, but rather, the expansion of the 4 L’s: Light, Love, Laughter, Learning.
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4 Responses to ~ Asking For A Friend ~

  1. People can behave weirdly in life or death situations. Usually trying to save what can’t be saved already. And it would’ve been lovely if we all took good care of our planet and of ourselves before we reach such point.
    Pleasure to read a poem from your Corina. Not sure if I am back blogging permanently, but stopped by to say hello.
    Regards, Blaga

    • dragonkatet says:

      Thanks so much for dropping by, Blaga! My blogging has been less than motivated for awhile, now, but perhaps we can both find some inspiration. 🙂

      • Everything in the blogging world reminds me of Jamie. I went back to read some of my old posts and all of them had a comment from her. Maybe we should do a poem collaboration together for the sunset, for the sea, for life to honour her …

  2. dragonkatet says:

    I understand that all too well. I miss her a lot. I would love to do a collaboration to honor her! What a marvelous idea!

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