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Animal Stories

In keeping with this month’s theme at the BeZine, I thought I’d recommend some of the best books about animals that I have read. The theme “All God’s Creatures” immediately reminded me of one of my favorite series of animal … Continue reading

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~ The Other Refugees ~

Soldier and Kitten by JustUs09 @ ~ The Other Refugees ~  He huddled under the wreckage and rubble, That used to be his home. His people had fled. Still others, were dead. So he waited, shaking, alone. * She … Continue reading

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Today’s SMILE :)

Just wanted to share another set of funny pictures that I received via e-mail. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  SMILE! It takes fewer muscles than a frown and it causes less wrinkles…;)         … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Cleopatra’s Cat…

We got him when he was only 8 weeks old. He was almost pure white with just a few hints of pale tan that became the dark brown seal points he grew into. We named him Cleopatra’s Cat because we … Continue reading

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Kismet’s Call

((Anyone who knows me knows that kittens are my Kryptonite! I recently submitted a story for the “Great Animal Rescue Chase“, which is a very worthwhile site dedicated to saving animals of all kinds. I have several ‘fur-babies’ in the … Continue reading

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