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The B Zine

Hello, all you readers! I wanted to let you know about a really neat collaboration of creative and amazing individuals, called the “B Zine”.  The B Zine is a collective effort by writers from the sites Beguine Again and The … Continue reading

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Perfection and Creation

We have a saying in my family, “Nothing to it, but to do it.” It’s meant to be a motivator, a call to action, and can be applied in many different situations.  When it comes to the craft of creating, … Continue reading

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~ Autumn Fog ~

Tonight, an autumn fog rolled in, Murking, moist and thick as sin. It covered the world in a dripping mist, Gave birth to shadows with a slow, wet kiss. Scattering light to a thousand round drops, Refracting it back, through … Continue reading

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~ To Oklahoma ~

My eyes can’t stay dry, My heart grieves tonight. Like the lashing rain From a deathly dark sky, Hot tears fall, leaden, Grasping, desperate For a light… In the muddied, broken glimpses Of the storm’s aftermath. Ground zero, So many … Continue reading

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I’ve been nominated :)

I’m smiling like crazy right now for a nomination for The Blog of the Year 2012 Award! Anyone who knows me will know that I don’t much do these kinds of things, but it’s still nice to be recognized (lots … Continue reading

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“WANDERER” by Jamie Dedes

((The blogs on my list are mostly poets and writers whom I admire and respect, both for their honesty and their skill with the art and crafting of fabulous, memorable writing. Tonight, I was lucky enough to read what is … Continue reading

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~ Ode/Rant to Internet Explorer ~

((Not my best work, but written in a small fit of rage, and I’m certain there are many others out there who can relate!)) Oh, Internet Explorer, How I hate thee! Let me count the ways: Unless I want the … Continue reading

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