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The B Zine

Hello, all you readers! I wanted to let you know about a really neat collaboration of creative and amazing individuals, called the “B Zine”.  The B Zine is a collective effort by writers from the sites Beguine Again and The … Continue reading

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Perfection and Creation

We have a saying in my family, “Nothing to it, but to do it.” It’s meant to be a motivator, a call to action, and can be applied in many different situations.  When it comes to the craft of creating, … Continue reading

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~ Autumn Fog ~

Tonight, an autumn fog rolled in, Murking, moist and thick as sin. It covered the world in a dripping mist, Gave birth to shadows with a slow, wet kiss. Scattering light to a thousand round drops, Refracting it back, through … Continue reading

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~ To Oklahoma ~

My eyes can’t stay dry, My heart grieves tonight. Like the lashing rain From a deathly dark sky, Hot tears fall, leaden, Grasping, desperate For a light… In the muddied, broken glimpses Of the storm’s aftermath. Ground zero, So many … Continue reading

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I’ve been nominated :)

I’m smiling like crazy right now for a nomination for The Blog of the Year 2012 Award! Anyone who knows me will know that I don’t much do these kinds of things, but it’s still nice to be recognized (lots … Continue reading

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“WANDERER” by Jamie Dedes

((The blogs on my list are mostly poets and writers whom I admire and respect, both for their honesty and their skill with the art and crafting of fabulous, memorable writing. Tonight, I was lucky enough to read what is … Continue reading

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~ Ode/Rant to Internet Explorer ~

((Not my best work, but written in a small fit of rage, and I’m certain there are many others out there who can relate!)) Oh, Internet Explorer, How I hate thee! Let me count the ways: Unless I want the … Continue reading

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~ Could be something subtle, or subliminal ~

We never know how long we have on this blue ball, which endlessly spins in space. Never know our length of life, or what will be our ‘eternal address’ after we’re gone. And I still say that regrets are pointless, … Continue reading

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