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Being a more compassionate gardener

Like many people, I love to garden. I enjoy the feeling of soil beneath my fingers, the satisfaction of caring for plants and watching them grow and bloom. I also tend to believe that all life is sacred. From the … Continue reading

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Catching the Light…

The theme for March for the Be Zine is “renewal”. I think it’s a wonderful, appropriate subject, since Spring is practically at our doorstep (all the current snow and ice-storms notwithstanding) and our part of the world is waking up … Continue reading

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~ A View of the Vernal ~

Spring beckons all the green things awake, With soft sunshine and breathy gusts, It blows life into bloom, Fills the whole world’s room, With new growth and buds, That burst and bust! Spring’s ranging, changing give and take, Fills forests … Continue reading

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~ Spring Haiku ~

((Side note: I don’t write many haikus. It’s not a form I am overly comfortable with, although I admire anyone who can write them well. This one, however, seemed to write itself, correct number of syllables and all. Must have … Continue reading

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~ Purple Crocus ~

(( I think we’re all more than ready for Spring, with the Polar Vortex and the frozen hell that has swept across so much of the country this winter. One of the first signs of Spring for me, that I … Continue reading

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Gone Fishin’

It’s a rare day for me when I get to take a weekend day to do as I please. Most of the time, my days off consist of errands, housework and taking care of the things I don’t have time … Continue reading

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Jeepers Creepers…

Welcome back, Spring Peepers! I noticed the other night as I was driving home with my windows down that the Spring Peepers are back! Yayyy! I love listening to these little guys, because they are a sure sign that if … Continue reading

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