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Review for “365 Days of Gutsy Women” by Rosemary Roenfanz

From Real to Ideal, from Gritty to Goddess, “365 Days of Gutsy Women” is an entertaining, enlightening read that will leave you with more respect and admiration of the “Fairer Sex” than ever before.  When I first got the book, … Continue reading

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The Great Equalizers

This quarter’s issue of the BeZine is focused on Social Justice: listening, learning, reaching out.What do others tell us about their experience? How do we listen and learn? How do racial, economic and social inequalities affect people we know? What … Continue reading

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Peace Doesn’t Always Mean Passive

My mom and dad were hippies and it definitely rubbed off on me. I’ve always been considered kind of a peace-maker; among friends, family, co-workers. I strive for a smooth, peaceful environment, and most of the time, succeed. But I … Continue reading

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~ I Bring the World With Me ~

This quarter’s theme at The BeZine is sustainABILITY: shaping uncertain future(s). How do we choose the best paths to sustain (broadly defined) the Earth (focused on the climate crisis) our lives, our children’s, and our grandchildren’s? If you care about … Continue reading

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Nature, the Healer

The world has needed healing for a long time, but especially now, in the midst of and in the aftermath of a global pandemic. This quarter’s issue of The BeZine deals with A Life of the Spirit and Healing. How … Continue reading

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~ Asking For A Friend ~

The theme this quarter for The BeZine is “Waging Peace through finding common ground”. Any changes that happen for the important issues concerning humanity must come through us finding common ground from which to start the conversations. Empathy is being … Continue reading

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SustainABILITY in turbulent times

The theme for this quarter’s issue of The BeZine is “SustainABILITY in turbulent times”. Everyday life is challenging right now all over the world; things are especially chaotic because of the pandemic, with political unrest and natural disasters only adding … Continue reading

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Her Light Continues…

In early November of last year, we lost one of the dearest members of The BeZine Team, our founder and editor, G. Jamie Dedes. Jamie was a huge inspiration to all of us; always a soft, gentle and encouraging voice … Continue reading

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~ A Christmas Connection ~

This quarter, the BeZine is focusing on “A Life of the Spirit”. Come read and be inspired by others who show us that the word “Spirit” comes in many forms, shapes, sizes and meanings. I chose to write a poem … Continue reading

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In Infinitum Terrae

Living in the moment, or with awareness of the here and now can be a good thing. It allows us to appreciate what we have at any given time. It comes with a caveat, though — you have to be … Continue reading

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